Thursday, January 13, 2005

Two Wrongs Only Make One Right

I just read an article on the RightNation website, which discussed MSNBCs Keith Olbermann villainizing Fox News for running the Swift Boat ads, and using that not only as a case to illustrate Fox's bias, but as a defense against such claims against the liberal media. (Well, they do say the best defense is a strong offense.) In fact, his argument against Fox and defense of the liberal media only reinforces the case of bias BY the liberal media, which Olbermann not only helps prove, but actually becomes a part of.

I also don't understand how can anyone make a claim that a network like Fox should be censoring political ads? It's not as if they commissioned those ads, or even ran them exclusively, as it was also aired across the nation on other media. Furthermore, using this to illustrate bias is even more ridiculous in light of Fox News' airing the recent TV commercial, which is pretty reprehensible in my opinion. If you haven't seen it yet, it shows the images of Abu Ghriab with a voice-over which describes Alberto Gonzales as "the man whose memos justified the use of torture in Iraq" - a complete distortion of the facts.

By that same logic, I imagine that there should also be outrage against the New York Times for running this ad showing an Abu Ghraib "torture" image along side a photo of Alberto Gonzales with the text "You may not know Alberto Gonzales. But we're sure you'll recognize the results of his work." But I won't be holding my breath waiting for Olbermann to point that one out any time soon.


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