Saturday, January 08, 2005

They didn't REALLY Say That, Did they?

Michael Moore is racebaiting again and is joined by Fox News Political Analyst Bob Beckel; Ted Kennedy reminds us of his the "torture" of '69; environmentalists find the silver lining in the tsunami, radio pesonality Don Imus in an anti-semetic double play; a George Soros flashback; and finally, Jimmy Carter finally shows respect to a world leader (just not one of ours). All this in some interesting quotes this past week.

Michael Moore continues to race-bait in his email blast today discussing yesterday's objection to Ohio's electoral college votes. In contrasting it to the last Presidential election, he writes it's "unlike the 2000 election, when the black members of Congress were told to sit down and shut up." More revisionist history from the Big Fat Stupid White Guy. I just wish HE would actually "sit down and shut up."

Speaking of playing the race card ... Fox News Political Analyst Bob Beckel was on "Hannity & Colmes" last night discussing the Attorney General confirmation hearings of White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez. Beckel implied Gonzalez's nomination was due the fact that he is hispanic, stating that the Bush adminstration "finally discovered affirmative action." An amazing thing to say about an administration with two black cabinet members. In fact, as noted in USA Today, "with little fanfare and not much credit, President Bush has appointed a more diverse set of top advisers than any president in history."

Ted Kennedy questioned Bush's nominee for Attorney General this week, referencing an article in the Washington Post and stating "you chaired several meetings at which various interrogation techniques were discussed. These techniques included the threat of live burial and water boarding, whereby the detainee is strapped to a board, forcibly pushed under water, wrapped in a wet towel and made to believe he might drown." Yes, I would imagine the fear of drowning could be considered torture. Thanks for brining that to our attention Senator Kennedy! Good thing for Ted that there was no Patriot Act around in 1969. [Kudos to the Washington Post.]

Environmentalists (you know, the groups that like nature better than people) "Rejoice over Tsunami Devastaion" (Newsmax) ... "There was an upside to the disaster. Honestly, I love this nature. Twenty years ago, it was like this, and full of trees. I haven't seen the beach this white in ages." Also, see "Environmentalists Surf Tsunami Tragedy" at Fox News and this Cox & Forkum EnviroMental Cartoon.

This week, Radio personality Don Imus referred to the publishers of the Mary and Carol Higgins Clark holiday thriller "The Christmas Thief" as "thieving Jews." According to an article in the New York Post, he then made matters worse by reportedly saying, "I apologize . . . I realize that's redundant."

He really said it, now we can just hope he really meant it .... George Soros replied to a question at a National Press Club luncheon this fall about what he would do if Bush won another term, stating "I shall go into some kind of monastery." Well, it looks like Congress isn't going to save him, just as it didn't save Alec Baldwin in 2000 when it was claimed he said he would move to France if Bush got elected. So just tell us where to write you George. (Unfortunately, you can still write to Alec Balwin at his apartment on Central Park West.)

BTW, here's an interesting page at Snopes about other celebrities that promised to leave the US if Bush won in 2000. With the exception of Pierre Salinger, most stayed here. Four years later, I don't think anyone really feels safe in France anymore, since the talk is of moving to Canada. (I would imagine it's because it's closer to the US and there's a greater chance we would protect Canada from a Jihad than we would France.)

FINALLY, in a special "The didn't really DO that, did they?" ... Former President and Chief US Apologist Jimmy Carter pays his respects to Yasser Arafat today.

As a postscript for the photo of the Clueless Jimmy Carter .... What he never realized (and apparently still doesn't to this day) is that Arafat was the biggest obstacle to peace for the Palestinan people. Here's an article that puts it into prespective from Arabs for Peace.


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