Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Money for Hate

Ralph Peters had an excellent opinion piece in yesterday's New York Post, titled "Money for Hate. Not Muslim Tsunami Victims."

Here are two interesting observations ...
How the Saudis, with all of their self-righteousness and preaching about Islamic duties, can neglect the basic obligation of charity demanded by the Koran is so far beyond any recognizable sense of morality that words can't capture the shabbiness.

Meanwhile, U.S. Navy and Marine helicopters work around the clock to feed the starving — without asking for anybody's religious credentials. As predicted by The Post, Aceh's fundamentalist mullahs are already preaching that Allah punished the people for being insufficiently rigorous in their behavior, for being too tolerant. The same mullahs explain away Western aid as a plot.
In regard to the last paragraph, the fact that we're even providing aid for people like the man in the UBL t-shirt in this photograph below (not related to the article) speaks volumes about us.


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