Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"Kofi" Brewing

If you look up the word "Joe" in the dictionary, you'll find this definition: "Brewed Coffee". Well, according to Senator Joe Lieberman (D-Connecticut), things in Turtle Bay have come to a boil and Joe believes it's time to serve up some changes.

As reported today in Newsmax, "Influential Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman said Monday that the United Nations faces a crisis of confidence because of the failed leadership of Secretary General Kofi Annan - and suggested that the top diplomat should consider resigning".

Senator Lieberman always tells it like it is, and he isn't afraid to cross party lines to do so. A prime example is his views on the the war in Iraq.
"Saddam Hussein was a ticking time bomb that would go off and kill a lot of Americans until we stopped him, and that law called for a change of regime in Baghdad. The man was a brutal dictator. He supported terrorism. He hated the United States of America. Of course, we're safer with him gone. Our soldiers are certainly safer, because he was encouraging the insurgency that's going on and keeping so many of the Iraqis in fear. The world is safer any time a tyrant and mass murderer like this, hater of the United States, is captured. That's self-evident."*

(I just had to provide the link to Senator Lieberman's quote in the DailyKos Blog, since it's one of the few things I've read there that makes sense.)


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