Sunday, January 02, 2005

"End the War", and then ... ?

As radicals and progressives, as well as some liberals, are going about their planned disruption the Presidential Inauguration (or as they call it, the "J20 Action"), perhaps they can take a moment to answer one question that I have yet to see addressed on any of their sites calling for an end to the war and the immediate removal of US troops ... "Then what?" Seriously.

War is not good, young people are dying and the reasons we entered the war in the first place may have been dubious. (At the very least, the intelligence we based the decision on was flawed.) That said, what does anyone suggest? If we pull our troops out of Iraq and just walk away, we're basically creating a terrorist state that will spread like wildfire throughout the Middle East. It will also assure the citizens of Iraq are once again facing oppression and the torture of dissidents speaking out for the freedoms they never had before the US brought down Saddam's brutal regime. (I used to think that all radicals, progressives and liberals are against oppression and torture.)

And please don't suggest we turn everything over to the UN, who sat on their hands through years of resolutions and sanctions against Iraq while Saddam's people were starved and tortured so he can build weapons and palaces -- apparently with the help of other member nations.

So, once again I ask ANYONE ... "What do we do next?"


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