Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Below the Surface

On this blog, I've made a few observations about the liberal media which after reading "The Terrorists' Leftist PR Machine" at FrontPageMag.com today, I realized was only the tip of the iceberg. I strongly recommend you read this article and see what lies below the surface. Here's an except ...
"In an op-ed for the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram, radical leftist Robert Jensen and journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, calls on Americans to pursue “the most courageous act of citizenship in the United States today: pledging to dismantle the American empire.”  Jensen insists, “The United States has lost the war in Iraq, and that's a good thing.” With Professor Jensen, leftist stalwart pundits and publications—including The Nation, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Howard Zinn—have abandoned pacifism in favor of rooting for America's terrorist (“insurgent”) enemies in Iraq."
As a footnote, so far I've only really discussed the "established" media, but I think it's time to look below the surface of the "altnerative" and "indy" media and explore how they're influencing the perceptions of America both here and abroad. Look forward to your comments.


Blogger dax said...

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January 11, 2005 at 11:02 AM  
Blogger dax said...

I pose to you that the established liberal media is undergoing seismic changes........in the public eye.
The NT Times has been truly discredited a number of times.
CBS. What more can be said?
CNN has lost over 37% of their viewership in the last 3 years.
I will also continue to contend that these "outlets" will not change (move right) but will harden their liberal reporting. Think about it, is the viewer that left CNN for FOX going to go back? NO! Does it not make more sense to "keep" your established viewers?
If I'm CBS or CNN, I'm going full blast to the left and satisfy my Liberal base.
Just a thought.
Now, as far as the independent or alternative Liberal outlets, I'm all for them flourishing. I never, ever want only one voice.

January 11, 2005 at 11:05 AM  
Blogger Bruno said...

Good point about not limiting the expression of ideas to one voice, but when they indy sites are anti-semetic, pro-terrorist, anti-american, promoting anarchy, and full of accusations that the CIA planned 9/11, etc., I think we have to find a way to put their expressions in the context of reality. I wish I had the answer, other than just trolling their forums. Unfortunately, the posts are repeated pretty widely on the net long after the replys are deleted.

January 11, 2005 at 10:50 PM  
Blogger dax said...

Look, there are KOOKS on all sides and if a person wants to be a KOOK, so be it.
Now, if the KOOK poses a legitimate threat to other citizens or the nation, then that KOOK has crossed the line.
We are a tolerant, open minded, and generous society which automaticaly makes us the enemy of certain folks. Arab fundamentalists come to mind.
We are also the envy of some nations. What the US has done in a very short period of time drives "old world" countries like France and Germany nuts. In just over 200 years we have eclipsed those countries in every field imagineable and they've been at it a hell of a lot longer.
And by the way, I took great pleasure in watching "your" Jets beat the Sandy Eggo Chargeless.
Had Marty prepared for you guys like he prepares for a Raiders game, the outcome might have been different.
I love the Jets this Saturday..................getting 9 1/2

January 12, 2005 at 9:11 AM  

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