Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Nation Building is wrong ... sometimes?

A plea to take action to save the life of an Iranian woman from stoning recently caught my attention. It was posted on one of those boards that ignore reality and set my blood on boil -- The kind that think the ACLU can protect America from terrorism better than the Department of Homeland Security. (When they're not busy defending the rights of NAMBLA, of course.) This is the same board that attacks America for stepping foot on Iraqi soil to help stop the brutality of the Baathist regime, but now we MUST take action against the abominations of the Sharia laws and the force of the supreme court of the Islamic Republic of Iran. So, what are they suggesting here? Do they really think this kind of thing can be changed with a petition? And based on their feelings here, you would think they'd be supportive of the US efforts to bring humanity back to Iraqa. Well, you'd be mistaken.


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