Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Moore for Victims

Well, I just can't want to see the check that Michael Moore is writing to help the Tsunami victims. Based on his post today on his website, I would imagine it's going to be big.

In case you don't have the stomach to read his anti-American rants, the "Must Read" on his site today has the text "$40 Million for Inauguration. $35 Million for Tsunami". Well, since there's no accompanying story that I "must read," then I guess I'm just left to speculate as to what he means.

I'm imaging his point is "how can America spend so much on the inauguration (basically, alot of parties) when we're giving such a paltry amount to the victims?" I guess there's no text because then he'd have to explain that the funding of the inaugural events are raised from private donors and not provided by the government, as opposed to the $35 million - which by the way, happens to the subtantially more than any other country is providing (though Japan comes close with almost $30 million.) The others range from $3.9 million from Canada (about 10% of what we're providing) to $1.3 million from Germany.

The money for the inaugurations is provided by private citizens, the bulk of which came before this weekend's natural disaster, of course. And we're all free to spend our money however we choose. If that means buying a table at an inaugural party that's one choice. Others may choose to go out and buy "Farenheit 9/11", Michael Moore's deceptive account of President Bush's response to the terrorist events of September 11th, which has grossed over $200 million worldwide.

That brings me to the point of this post -- if Michael Moore is so critical of how other American's choose to donate their money, let's see if he puts his money where his mouth is this time. (Of course, he'd probably have to remove his oversized foot first.) However, since as Michael Moore believes "the dumbest Canadian smarter than the smartest American", he'd probably tend to follow their lead as opposed to that of the US in being the most generous.

Now, for something important: to help, please visit NGO List


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That $35 million was as a matter of fact just what was available from petty cash to get things going. The total contribution from the US government, including the cost of the Navy getting a carrier group and an amphibious group there dwarf that number.

triticale, the wheat / rye guy

January 4, 2005 at 12:53 AM  
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